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About us


From choices to actions

Value the Change.
We reward technology that helps our people work safely and our customers use equally safe, durable, eco-responsible products.
Export the merit.
The beating heart of Northeastern Italy is our living environment. Living it means drawing from it the deep values to translate them into a cosmopolitan vision, opening ourselves to the future of needs. Everyone's.
Crown the commitment.
More than three decades of know-how help us look at each new day as a spark of learning. Because for us, experience is the great repository of change.
Accelerate the future.
We, too, want the Earth to retain its green soul. Every step forward is from a green perspective, starting with the energy used in production processes, all from renewable sources.

Because we create bonds that last:

In raw material
Our plastic is as far from the idea of "disposable" as possible. We process only high quality: lightweight and easy to transport to minimize CO2 and water consumption in production. We study solutions made to last and we know no waste: we always give the material itself a second life so that it can re-enter a potentially infinite circle of value
In partnerships
National and international companies that continue to renew their trust in us. In us they do not find simple slogans but listening, expertise and assistance that become efficient, sustainable, tailored projects because they are measurable over time.
In human relations
a better job comes from a better work environment. Safe, inclusive, welcoming, full of ideas that we love to share to create bridges between different skills, a place where we can really grow together.

There is a history made of dates and one made of steps, forward, in the journey that improves us every day. Since 1988, our choice has always been clear, as has our history.

1988 – Nascita di VECA

VE.CA. Veneta Casalinghi S.p.A. is established in the province of Vicenza. The offering of plastic household goods is the first seed of a flourishing path of ascent.
1988 – Birth of VECA

1992 - Espansione della linea Garden

"Injection" of technology precisely because of injection molding, a choice that takes the Garden sector, the heart of VECA's philosophy and production, to the next level.
1992 - Expansion of the Garden line

2003 – Nuovo reparto rotazionale

A technique so far used mainly in other fields gains a new aesthetic dimension: VECA marries rotational molding as an innovative alternative to terracotta.
2003 – New rotational department

2010 – Nascita di veca.lab

From good ideas come opportunities: the boom in rotational molding opens the doors of veca.lab, an Italian forge that thinks, engineers, and creates highly customized items.
2010 – Birth of veca.lab

2015 – Nascita di Lyxo

Rotomolding turns on another light: that of Lyxo, a brand that blends lighting and furniture to embellish commercial spaces and the contract market.
2015 – Birth of Lyxo

2016 – Nascita di Blim

A home that is even more colorful, easy and beautiful to live in: the goal of Blim, the brand that incorporates all household items produced by Veca.
2016 – Birth of Blim

2018 – Sostenibilità: da visione a realtà

"Plastic" in materials and in the - always dynamic - propensity for research: VECA is among the first to cover an entire line of pots made of 100% recycled plastic, from separated waste collection.
2018 – Sustainability: from vision to reality

2020 – Fieramente “rinnovabili”

The future is in change: the environment first, Europe later demand it. Veca is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, hitting a key milestone in the green agenda.
2020 – Proudly “renewable"

2021 – Nascita di Blim plus

A kitchen idea for those who are always looking for something extra: Blim plus brings an exclusive signature of design and functionality to the table, completing a department now second to none.
2021 – Birth of Blim plus

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